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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.6.0 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.6.0 has been released!

We've implemented a frequently requested feature that allows quickly adding predefined DNS server addresses to a profile. The main purpose is to have easy access to public DNS servers. We've included a couple of the most common ones but you can freely customize the list to your needs!
As always we've also fixed all reported bugs and improved the compatibility.

Full Changelog & Download:

Changelog 4.6.0:
- NEW: "Public DNS Servers" list for quick access from the DNS context menu
       Prefilled with the most common DNS servers, but fully customizable
- New method for the IPv6 feature for reading the current addresses
- Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1709 ("Fall Creators Update")
- Fix: WiFi debug file removed
- Fix: Skip delay if a program that is set to "Run once" is already running
- Fix: MAC address format in LAN/Adapter dialog
- Fix (Pro): Updating prepared NICs in settings file with NICLabel only
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments