NetSetMan's used and appreciated all around the globe by millions of people. In order to give you a general idea as to its impact this page lists some awards, press publications and quotes of reviewers and users. Enjoy!

In commercial environments NetSetMan Pro is used by companies from a variety of different business sectors where employees travel around with their laptops. The spectrum ranges from service and manufacturing companies to governmental administrations and IT consultants. The customers of NetSetMan Pro include numerous well-known companies such as:
The network management tool NetSetMan fills the gaps that exist in Windows. At the same time it provides additional features addressing what amounts to basically all of our wishes. We’re using around 300 licenses of NetSetMan Pro on different customer sites and haven’t heard a single complaint so far.
Hans Häfner, SebaKMT
Being a government contractor we work on enterprise size networks every day. Whether it’s configuring new devices set with default IPs or troubleshooting any of the hundreds of devices in the field, we are constantly having to change our laptops to match the network or device we are working on. I spent weeks testing and looking for software that could automatically do this for us and then I found NetSetMan. This is exactly what we were looking for and every other software I tested was light years away.
Myles McNamara, TransCore Project Manager


Just a couple of the awards NetSetMan has received:
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Press Publications

Articles about NetSetMan are being published regularly in magazines and books. The following selection shows some print publications that featured NetSetMan and have been provided as a reference copy.
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Reviews Review
"If you are travelling a lot and/or connecting to multiple networks over the course of your day NetSetMan is a must have for you."
2013-02-11, Bojan Protic, (offline) Review
"How could you not like an application that does away with the frustration of frequently having to change your network configuration?"
2012-02-23, George Norman, Review
"Frankly it has all, while being delightfully simple yet professional, time-saving tool that sets high standards when it comes to using more than one network at once. We cannot neglect its efficiency and we did not see any big drawback on its functionality, simply put it proved to be a must have tool."
2010-09-23, FrostApps-Team, (offline) Review
"NetSetMan: Network Switching as Easy as Ready, Set, Go!"
2008-11-20, Joseph Moran, Review
"The program is, without a doubt, a gem for those who need to change their network settings."
2012-07-29, Review
"NetSetMan is a quite useful assistant for all those who travel a lot with their laptop."
2013-02-13, Dimitri Buller,
User Opinions
Stuart McLachlan,
president of Lexacorp Ltd.
"NetSetMan Pro: I can go to any of my clients' sites and hook my laptop into their network without changing all sorts of settings. (10+ IT pros share the utilities and tools they can't live without)"
Luke McCallum
"I recently found a magical little program called NetSetMan which quite simply changed my life."
Gian Paolo Boarina,
"I have a profile for each network I manage and one for my home network, it really saves me a lot of time, that’s one of those small tools that once you try you can’t live without."