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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.5.0 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.5.0 has been released!

Sometimes it can be very useful to examine the computer network you’re connected to: to keep an overview of all devices in your network, for troubleshooting, or simply out of curiosity.
From now on, the most comfortable way to do so is to use the new, feature-rich Network Scanner that is built in as a tool in NetSetMan. Scan your network for computers, printers and shared resources quickly and easily!

Changelog 4.5.0:
- NEW Tool: Network Scanner
  Scan networks by IP range (IPv4 & IPv6), subnet (CIDR), ARP & NDP cache
  Get details like name, MAC, domain/workgroup, OS, network shares, etc.
  Multithreading for scanning large numbers of IPs simultaneously
  Highly compatible and flexible by using new and old protocols
  Copy details, open targets, export results, send Wake-On-LAN
  Favorites list for customizing frequently used targets
  Detailed information of network printers (shared or directly connected)
  Real-time search filter for all results
  Further details:
- Fix: Some setup parameters have been ignored
- Fix: Minimizing application didn't save profile changes
- Fix: Pressing ENTER in IP fields resulted in an error message
- Fix: High-DPI problems (query dialogs, AutoSwitch menu items click area)
- Fix: Firefox Proxy is now also available for user-specific installations
- Fix: Autorun in Preferences dialog not showing its state correctly
- Fix: Multiple memory leaks
- Tool "Adapters Details" is now sorted by type and name
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments