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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.3.2/4.3.3 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.3.2/4.3.3 has been released!

The new version mainly focuses on improving the AutoSwitch feature with a couple of new options. As always, we’ve also fixed several bugs that were reported by users. We’re already working on some amazing new features that we’ll introduce in version 4.4.0. Make sure to keep an eye on our facebook page to see a preview of the new feature release before everybody else!

Changelog 4.3.3:
- HotFix for 4.3.2: Error when activating Proxy, Connections or IPv6

Changelog 4.3.2:
- NEW: AutoSwitch option "Disable WiFi when LAN connected, otherwise enable it"
- NEW: AutoSwitch WiFi network condition "Connected/Disconnected"
- Fix: Connection speed for disconnected devices now shown as not available
- Fix: Handling incompatble wireless adapters in NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: AutoSwitch could be executed multiple times causing different problems
- Adding a custom SSID in AutoSwitch now allows selecting stored WiFi profiles
- A lot of fine-tuning for AutoSwitch
- Extended compatibility for new LAN/Adapter feature (VLAN-ID, MTU, etc.)
- Deleting items in lists now possible with DEL key
- After deleting a list item the next item is now automatically selected
- NSM WiFi Management has now its own icon in the task bar
- Improved IP-Edits: Copy/Paste complete IPv4 addresses (CTRL+C/V),
  arrow keys navigation, navigating between different IP-Edits