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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.2.0 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.2.0 has been released!

Users with high-DPI displays (with a setting of "175%" or larger) will love this release because we finally integrated an image scaling functionality that adjusts all icons to a proper size. We also made sure to fix all remaining high-DPI UI issues.
In this process, we completely recreated the Network Drive feature. It has now the same usability as the other features and brings some frequently requested additional options.
Thanks to your feedback, we also made sure to fix all reported bugs.

Changelog 4.2.0:
- NEW: All-new Network Drive feature!
       Improved usability and fixed high-DPI scaling
       Additional Disconnect and Reconnect options
       Optional auto-assignment of the highest available drive letter
- NEW: Interface Metric (Advanced/IP+)
- NEW: AutoSwitch option to allow activation of the same profile after restart
- NEW: Images and icons are now dynamically scaled for high-DPI screens (175%+)
- Fix: Layout improvements for high-DPI screens (TrayInfo, menus, dialogs, etc.)
- Fix: In some cases "Run minimized" ("-h" or Preferences) had no effect
- Fix: Parameter "-as" didn't close the activation dialog in certain cases
- Fix: Problem with deactivated "Wait for browser" option
- Fix: Some problems with the Program feature (exceptions, delay values, ...)
- Updated and improved file signature
- Tray icon is now initially moved to the visible tray area once
- Usability improvements for lists (Connections, Programs, Network Drives):
  Editing by right-click/long-tap additionally to double-click
  Automatic selection of the next item when an item is deleted
  Sorting items by clicking the column headers
- Changed save format for Scripts/Programs settings
- The Net Drive "Retry" option will now also work with mapping error "31"
- Several UI improvements
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments

If you'd like to continue one of the following translations, please get in contact:
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