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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.0.0 released!

The new version 4.0.0 of NetSetMan (Pro) has been released!

4.0.0 - 2015-03-02
- Throughout enhanced: 80% of the source code has been rewritten
- NEW: AutoSwitch!
  - Completely redesigned: All conditions freely combinable:
    WiFi: surrounding wireless networks, signal strength
    Network Recognition: Network Location Awareness, Gateway MAC, Ping
    Connection Status: network adapter connected/disconnected
    Time Frame: from/to hh:mm:ss on all or certain days
  - Activation visibility: Message+Dialog, Balloon, Hidden
  - Animated tray icon when activation dialog is hidden
  - AutoSwitch info in Compact Mode, Tray Info and Profile Management
- NEW: Network Adapter Bar
  - 3 consistent icons: add subprofile, refresh, adapter status
  - Tooltip with additional information about the selected adapter
  - Option to disable all other adapters by creating individual sub-profiles
- NEW: NSM Administration additional options:
  - Restrict access to certain profiles and/or settings
  - Password protected profile activation
- NEW: System Setting "Time Zone"
- NEW: Context menu for all settings in Full Mode (Get, Clear, Copy, Paste)
- NEW: Waiting for network to be ready after changing IP settings
- NEW: Import/Export of single profiles
- NEW: Copy/Paste individual settings from/to profiles and to clipboard
- NEW: Profile settings information included in activation log
- NEW: Windows 10 (Technical Preview) support
- NEW: Full support for Large Fonts display settings
- NEW: The improved NSM Service now enabled by default
- UI Improvements:
  - Icons for all menu items
  - Tooltips for all settings showing their configuration
  - Adapter selection appearance with faded type
  - Mouseover highlight for settings in Full Mode (optional)
  - Clickable checkbox captions for features in Full Mode
- Performance improvements for Profile Management and Compact Mode
- Performance improvements for Tray Info and Tray Menu
- Improved IP edit fields, checkboxes and comboboxes
- Improved Limited Account dialog (shown with restricted privileges)
- Improved NSM Service: Full user context for Administrators
- Option to auto-save the activation log to a daily log file
- Options "Auto-Refresh" and "Append New" for NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: Several memory leaks
- Fix: Error 6 on program start in certain cases
- Fix: Error 691 for VPN-SSTP connections
- Fix: AutoSwitch, Note and Profiles dialogs lost focus on tooltips
- Fix: Route settings weren't shown in the Touch app
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management handling of multiple identical SSIDs
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management network information tooltip
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management editing WEP profiles
- Fix: Startup execution with delayed NSM Service on slow systems
- Fix: Jumplist tasks problem after minimizing and restoring
- Pro: Improved portable license functionality
- Pro: New command line parameters (
- Pro: Include pre-configured settings and license file with setup
- Help file completely reworked and updated

The following translations have been removed because they were outdated:
Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese
If you'd like to continue those translations, please get in contact!