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#1 2012-05-04 00:58

NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 3.4.3 released!

The new version 3.4.3 of NetSetMan (Pro) has been released!

3.4.3 - 2012-05-04
- Fix: Copy&Paste for profiles didn't work correctly in certain cases
- Fix: Link to help file in main menu didn't work in certain cases
- Fix: Importing encrypted settings file from v3.1.1 and older
- Fix: Render problem with button text on Activation dialog
- Fix (Pro): Redundant menu item in Proxy dialog
- Fix (Pro): Problem when removing FF proxy settings
- All dialogs reworked (centered, title, text, icon)
- Some localization updates and fixes

Are you a native speaker of Danish, Polish, Portuguese or Vietnamese?
Then NetSetMan needs you! Those languages are already included
but are out of date. Send an email if you'd like to voluntarily
continue with one of them!