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#1 2011-06-12 10:15

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No automatic load of profile

Shortly:The NSM does not apply a profile automatically when it finds a new wireless network.

I am a new user. I expect that when a WLAN is detected, and SSID matches to some profile, that profile is applied automatically, a status window is displayed shortly and it disappears immediately after all settings are set. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Here is What happens on my laptop:
When I change the location and a new WLAN is detected, a new connection is established immediately.
But no aditional settings like default printer or drive mapping are made by NSM.
A check mark (by profile name) indicates the profile active is still a previous profile.
It seems as if NSM does not notice a WLAN change.
Here I must notice that
-"connect when this network is in range" option is checked in both WLAN profiles I use,
- when activated manually, the WLAN profiles set all settings properly, including all "aditional" settings.

Generally my impresion is that only a wifi connection is made by Windows and NSM does not his "aditional" job (printers, net drives, workgroup)

Please advise what could be wrong.


PS what about " Use windows for WLAN configuration"  Should it tbe set or unset?


#2 2011-06-12 16:48

NetSetMan Support
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Re: No automatic load of profile

The AutoSwitch feature is described in the help file: … autoswitch

And as described in the WiFi section of the help file: Yes, "Use windows for WLAN configuration" is required.