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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.2.2 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.2.2 has been released!
For this version we’ve implemented an all-new Network Adapter Management, fixed many bugs, and improved the usability of several UI elements.

Changelog 4.2.2:
- NEW: Improved Network Adapter Management ("Refresh")
       Sorting by drag&drop and column header (affects TrayInfo order)
       Combined "Quick Refresh" and "In-Depth Refresh" methods
       New "Refresh" options: "Replace existing", "Virtual/Disabled adapters"
       Activate/Deactivate adapters through context menu
       Shortcut to "Windows Network Connections"
- NEW: Scripts can be executed with or without elevated privileges
       Default is now set to non-elevated!
- NEW: WiFi profile export can include the stored passphrase unencrypted
- Fix: Rare "Access Violation" error when editing a network drive
- Fix: AutoSwitch activation trigger for Time Frame conditions
- Fix: Context menu for Adapter Status button
- Fix: Error message for deactivated Virtual Miniport adapters
- Fix: Icon for getting current settings in System Settings
- Fix: Width of columns in WiFi Management with High-DPI
- Fix: Asterisks in Route Table
- Pro: Improved usability for Browser/Proxy feature
- Pro: Skip Domain if the same user and domain name are already joined
- Unchecked items in System Settings are greyed out for better overview
- Connected wireless network now displayed in bold text
- Cleaner activation log output for features that use PowerShell
- Disabled network adapters are now greyed out in the TrayInfo
- Updated screenshots in help file
- Minor adjustments

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