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NetSetMan 4.1.3/4.1.4 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.1.4 has been released!

If you use NetSetMan via command line, you might like the new parameters that are introduced in this release. In addition, if you frequently connect your laptop to external displays or projectors you might find the new feature for switching between different display modes in your profiles useful.

Changelog 4.1.3:
- NEW: System Settings - External Display (internal/external/duplicate/extend)
       Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 (graphics driver must conform to WDDM)
- NEW: Additional command line parameters:
       "-?": Show all available parameters
       "-a current": Reactivate last activated profile
       "-aw #": Activate profile # with Windows notification (balloon tooltip)
       "-ah #": Activate profile # hidden as tray icon
- Fix: Activating DHCP in XP might have failed receiving an IP automatically
- Fix: Option to create an activation log file was not working
- Fix: In rare cases an ini-update-message kept appearing at program start
- Pro: Proxy settings (Firefox&Opera) can now wait for and restart the browser
- Pro: Profile groups are now hidden if all containing profiles are disabled
- Minor adjustments

Changelog 4.1.4:
- Fix: "Invalid file signature" on some systems
- Apparently the required root certificate is once again updated with wrong
  properties on some systems by the opperating system and the certificate issuer.
  As a result we need to manually "break" that root certificate on our systems
  before every release, so that another, more reliable root certificate is used
  for creating the file signature, that's compatible on all systems.
  We're really sorry for the certificate issues, but this is out of our hands.

If you'd like to continue one of the following translations, please get in contact:
Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese

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