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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.0.3 released!

The new version 4.0.3 of NetSetMan (Pro) has been released!

4.0.3 - 2015-06-16
- NEW: Export/Import profiles or preferences separately
- NEW: 5GHz networks in NSM WiFi Management
- NEW: Save/Copy activation log buttons added
- Fix: Command line activation with already running program instance
- Fix: AutoSwitch Gateway MAC failure in some constellations
- Fix: Rare scenarios for losing profile settings
- Fix: Rare error 126 on startup
- Adapter activation now at the beginning of the profile activation process
- F2 renames currently visible profile in Full Mode
- Script execution directory is now the location of the script
- Simplified Chinese translation up-to-date again

If you'd like to continue one of the following translations, please get in contact:
Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese