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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 3.0.0 released!

After 5 years of continuous development NetSetMan now reached the next generation!

Version 3.0 introduces new groundbreaking features such as Advanced WiFi Management, MultiProfiles, Compact Mode and much more.

To celebrate this event a discount of 20% is applied to every order placed before January 31! (discounts cannot be combined)

Note: Some translations are not updated, yet, and most of the new help files are currently not available. They will come soon. Thank you for your patience.

3.0.0 - 2010-01-05
- NEW: Advanced WiFi support!
     - WiFi Management for available wireless networks and profiles
     - Connect/disconnect from WiFi networks with each NSM profile
     - Displaying WiFi connection status in the TrayInfo
- NEW: MultiProfiles!
     - A profile can now contain an unlimited amount of NIC (adapter) sets
     - Activating a profile changes the settings for all included NICs
- NEW: Compact Mode!
     - Overview of all profiles and settings in a smart new view
     - Ideal interface once all profiles are set up in Full Mode
     - Switch between Full Mode and Compact Mode with a single click
- NEW: NSM Administration!
     - Optional password protection for NetSetMan
     - Encryption of the settings file
     - Decide what actions are possible without the password:
       run program, activate profiles, change profile & program settings
- NEW: Dynamic Activation window showing only the values to be changed
- NEW: Advanced Preferences window with more control and customization
     - Custom clicking actions for the TrayIcon
     - Always start minimized
     - Shortcuts to Windows locations from the TrayMenu
     - Confirm profile activation
- NEW: Advanced Refresh (including deactivated & virtual NICs)
- NEW: Public IP in TrayInfo (optional)
- NEW: MAC addresses in TrayInfo (optional)
- NEW: Restart NICs & faster NIC status detection (only for 32bit)
- NEW: Automatic subnet mask generation when entering an IP
- BugFix (Pro): Alternative domain feature didn't work with NSM Service
- BugFix: Inconsistent TAB order of the UI elements
- Gateway entry fields stay enabled to allow static gateways on DHCP
- Press CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to cycle through profile tabs
- Use ESC to minimize main interface or to close configuration dialogs
- On dual screens TrayInfo will now always be shown on the main screen
- Windows locations can now also be opened when using NSM Service
- If a dual screen position changes NSM will start at a visible position
- Automatical NIC reassignment when moving the settings file:
   From now on you can copy the settings.ini file to other systems
   without manually reassigning the NICs in the profiles _IF_ the
   custom name is identical on both systems. NICs can be renamed
   in the Windows Control Panel - Network Connections.