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#1 2009-06-15 19:20

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Wrong "Default Gateway" when DHCP enabled

In a hotel I wanted to use their WLAN network.
So I switched to the NetSetMan profile where the IP
and the DNS is rertrieved/assigned automatically through DHCP server.

However it didn't work although other people confirmed it working.

After an hour I figured out the problem.

When I clicked on the tiny arrows left of the IP-Address, Subnet mask and Default Gateway to get the current values then
IP Address and Subnet Mask were correct.
But much to my surprise the Default Gateway was completely incorrect.

I don't know if the DHCP Server provides normally the Default Gateway value as well and didn't work here. However I made a guess and set the Default Gateway manually by replacing the three first values by the own IP address parts and the last octet by ".254" and everything went fine.

So NetSetMan should tell the user in the next release something like "cannot get Default gateway value" or "Default gateway value seems to be wrong. Please verify manually"



#2 2009-06-15 22:19

NetSetMan Support
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Re: Wrong "Default Gateway" when DHCP enabled

If you activate a profile wich DHCP selected, then NetSetMan tells Windows to set the current settings of that NIC to DHCP. What happens then is actually out of control of NetSetMan, because Windows will handle this from that point itself. It asks the DHCP server for all the necessary values. The gateway is also provided by that server. Because Windows handles this procedure, NetSetMan can't give you any information about any "incorrect" gateways. Btw: The easiest way to check the current settings is to do a mouse-over over the tray icon, which will dynamically show the current settings.

Notice: Even if you activate DHCP it is still possible to set the Gateway manually. Make sure you don't have a Gateway configured in that profile when you select DHCP, because then this Gateway would be activated. (which is what users want in certain cases)