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NetSetMan Support
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NetSetMan 4.3.1 released!

NetSetMan (Pro) 4.3.1 has been released!

NetSetMan's Tray-Info (that appears when the cursor is pointing at the icon in the tray bar) is a very popular feature, because it provides details about the currently connected networks without a single click. Now this feature becomes even more powerful and handy. We've made is possible to hide certain types of network adapters that you never want to see there and at the same time we've added more optional details that you might be interested in. Simply open up the program preferences and adjust the Tray-Info to your needs!

Changelog 4.3.1:
- NEW: Advanced Tray-Info configuration in Preferences menu
- NEW: Optional details in Tray-Info:
       IPv6, connection speed, system uptime, network drives, etc.
- NEW: Show/Hide different types of network adapters in Tray-Info:
       Disconnected/Disabled/Virtual Adapters, Connections (PPP, VPN, ...)
- Fix: Rare "BusType" error on systems with an incompatible driver setting
- Fix: Optional auto-close of Activation dialog
- Fix: Copy/Paste icons in AutoSwitch
- New menu item: "Automatically activate this profile at this location"
  Cursor animation shows how to use the AutoSwitch feature for new users
- New Net Drive menu button for getting currently mapped network drives
- MAC addresses now with hyphens instead of colons (11-22-33-44-55-66)
- Some optimizations for reading network adapters and their settings
- Translation updates

If you'd like to continue one of the following translations, please get in contact:
Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Vietnamese