NetSetMan Pro

If you need NetSetMan for non-commercial purposes (at home, as a student, voluntary work, ... ) you can use the Non-Commercial Freeware version of NetSetMan.

You need to buy NetSetMan Pro if you'd like to use it in any commercial way. This includes using it at work or even on your own laptop if you use it to make money in any way. (NetSetMan Software License Agreement)

The license never expires and includes free updates within the major release (all upcoming 4.x versions with bugfixes and new features) and additionally a free major upgrade (5.x) for one year after your purchase.

Why Pro?
  • Can be used at work
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Domain settings
  • Proxy settings
  • Easy deployment

NetSetMan Pro Screenshot

Profile groups in tray Proxy settings Managing profiles and profile groups


NetSetMan Pro licenses are issued as a Single-User-License (licensed to a personal name) or as a Volume License (licensed to a company name). Depending on your country and status different types of taxation may apply:
  • EU consumer: Country-specific tax rates (⇒ Gross price)
  • EU company (with valid EU-VAT-ID): Reverse Charge (⇒ Net price)
  • Non-EU company/consumer: Reverse Charge (⇒ Net price)
("Reverse Charge" = No tax is added during the purchase process. The tax liability is shifted to the recipient of the supply.)

€ / License
(Net) (Gross)
1 25.00 A Single-User-License is automatically created for a personal name.
2 - 9 25.00 A Volume License for a company name requires a package of 2 or more licenses.
10 - 29 24.00  
30 - 49 23.00 Purchasing a package of 30 or more licenses allows you to customize NetSetMan Pro with your company logo for free!
50 - 99 21.00  
100 - 499 19.00  
500 - 999 17.00  
1000 + 15.00  
Upgrade from
preceding major version
(3.x -> 4.x)

Updates within the same major version are free!

With the release of a new major version an upgrade discount is available for two years. The discount rate is determined by the purchase date:

1 year before release of new major version: free!
2 years before release of new major version: 50% discount
3 years before release of new major version: 20% discount

To upgrade log in to the customer area and follow the instructions.

All prices are given in € / EUR / Euro per license for the according license package size. If you want to pay in an other currency, the amount will be converted using the current exchange rate. You can use The Universal Currency Converter for your information. Discounts cannot be combined.

Order Process

Order Screenshot
  1. Order:
    Visit the "Order" page and place your order in the step-by-step order process.
  2. Invoice:
    You'll receive a digitally signed and print-optimized invoice email with payment instructions immediately.
  3. Payment:
    You pay via your chosen payment method.
  4. License:
    As soon as the invoice amount is received your personal license and download information will be sent to you by email. Regardless of the payment method your order and payment details are reviewed manually first. Therefore please be understanding that it might take up to 24h until you receive your license.
  5. Download:
    You can always log in to the customer area to download the latest version or change your personal information.

Payment Methods

Invoice Screenshot

PayPal Logo

MasterPayment Logo

  1. Bank Transfer:
    This is an established, most common and most secure payment method. You'll receive the bank account information (including IBAN & BIC/Swift-Code for international transfers) so you can transfer the total amount (Deutsche Bank, Germany). A transfer usually takes 2-5 days (depending on your bank). Money receipts are checked every day so you'll receive the program within a short time.

  2. PayPal:
    PayPal is the online payment service from eBay. For you as a customer PayPal is absolutely free. If you don't already have one of the over 230 million existing accounts you can sign up quickly. This fast payment method is especially suitable for customers, who are not able to pay by bank transfer (e.g. because you are located outside of the European Union).
    Please notice that PayPal isn't available in all countries. (->supported countries)

  3. Credit Card:
    Payments by credit card are processed using the service of MasterPayment. You don't need to have or create any kind of account to use this payment method! It's secure and uncomplicated. The following cards are accepted:
    Visa, MasterCard & American Express