NetSetMan 5.3.2

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?

5.3.2 - 2024-06-03
- Fix: Error when opening the Hosts dialog
- Fix: Memory error in the Proxy dialog in certain cases
- Fix: File signature issue with 5.3.0 and 5.3.1
The new file certificate needed to be replaced. Unfortunately,
the certificate issuer set an incorrect, retroactive revocation
date. As a result, the already signed and released files are
now blocked by Windows. This was not foreseeable and is very
unfortunate, but it is out of our hands. We would like to
sincerely apologize for the problems that have arisen.
The manual update can be downloaded for registered customers in
the customer area and for all others directly on the start page.
5.3.1 - 2024-05-03
- Fix: Error 6 at program start with a restricted user account
- Fix: Update functionality for future updates
- Due to a server incompatibility, previous versions
cannot be updated through the integrated Update
dialog. The latest setup file must be downloaded
manually from and can then be
installed as an update. All settings and profiles
will be kept.
5.3.0 - 2024-04-29
- NEW: NIC list context menu dialog for hiding unwanted NICs
with the possibility to hide virtual adapters and other types
- New: Search filters in WiFi Management for networks and profiles
- New: WiFi networks export of visible list (txt, html, csv)
- New: Import/Export of multiple WiFi profiles at once
- Fix: Importing profiles in NC-Freeware version could fail
- Fix: Importing WiFi profiles with special characters
- Fix: Rare constellation crash when selecting a WiFi profile
- Fix: Rare access violation error message at program start
- New software signing certificate from Sectigo
- Update of multiple components with fixes and High-DPI improvements
- To remove a VLAN-ID in Driver section, the value can now be set to -1
- Increased the maximum length of several proxy related settings
- If a driver setting like VLAN-ID is not set, it will now
be shown as "-" in TrayInfo instead of its default value
- Adjustments for Windows 11 version 23H2
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
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Licence: Logiciel gratuit non commercial

Date de la version: 2024-06-03

Langue: Multilingual

Pour Windows: 7/8/10/11 (32/64 Bit)

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NetSetMan est un logiciel gratuit non destiné à un usage commercial.

Vous pouvez utiliser NetSetMan gratuitement tant que vous n'économisez pas du temps salarié. Toute utilisation commerciale (au travail, ordinateur portable professionnel, etc.) nécessite une licence NetSetMan Pro.

Pour obtenir des informations détaillées, veuillez vous reporter à NetSetMan - Contrat de licence logicielle