NetSetMan (Pro)

5.3.2 - 2024-06-03
- Fix: Error when opening the Hosts dialog
- Fix: Memory error in the Proxy dialog in certain cases
- Fix: File signature issue with 5.3.0 and 5.3.1
The new file certificate needed to be replaced. Unfortunately,
the certificate issuer set an incorrect, retroactive revocation
date. As a result, the already signed and released files are
now blocked by Windows. This was not foreseeable and is very
unfortunate, but it is out of our hands. We would like to
sincerely apologize for the problems that have arisen.
The manual update can be downloaded for registered customers in
the customer area and for all others directly on the start page.
5.3.1 - 2024-05-03
- Fix: Error 6 at program start with a restricted user account
- Fix: Update functionality for future updates
- Due to a server incompatibility, previous versions
cannot be updated through the integrated Update
dialog. The latest setup file must be downloaded
manually from and can then be
installed as an update. All settings and profiles
will be kept.
5.3.0 - 2024-04-29
- NEW: NIC list context menu dialog for hiding unwanted NICs
with the possibility to hide virtual adapters and other types
- New: Search filters in WiFi Management for networks and profiles
- New: WiFi networks export of visible list (txt, html, csv)
- New: Import/Export of multiple WiFi profiles at once
- Fix: Importing profiles in NC-Freeware version could fail
- Fix: Importing WiFi profiles with special characters
- Fix: Rare constellation crash when selecting a WiFi profile
- Fix: Rare access violation error message at program start
- New software signing certificate from Sectigo
- Update of multiple components with fixes and High-DPI improvements
- To remove a VLAN-ID in Driver section, the value can now be set to -1
- Increased the maximum length of several proxy related settings
- If a driver setting like VLAN-ID is not set, it will now
be shown as "-" in TrayInfo instead of its default value
- Adjustments for Windows 11 version 23H2
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
5.2.0 - 2023-03-01
- Windows 11 compatibility (22H2 build 22621)
- NEW: Profiles can now be sorted by name, date and activations
- NEW: Network Location Type: Private/Public (in "Driver" section)
- Fix: Wifi option "Switch to strongest signal" could accidentally be disabled
- Fix: Rare error at profile activation with logon screen option
- Fix: Update of summary after modifying IP values
- Fix: Certain types of VPN and PPP connections have not been shown in TrayInfo
- Fix: IPv6 addresses with separate column for prefix length
- Fix: Exported HTML files from Tools are now UTF8-encoded
- Fix (Pro): Proxy ports for SSL/FTP/Socks were not loaded correctly
- Weekly auto-backup of the settings file in local "Backup" subfolder
- OpenVPN connections now also in TrayInfo if PPP/VPN is enabled in Preferences
- Custom WiFi description from WiFi Management now also shown in TrayInfo
- TrayMenu WiFi quick connection SSID items now show additional details
in a tooltip (such as MAC address, channel, encryption, etc.)
- Subnet mask will now be treated as invalid and automatically replaced
- Improved debugging possibility
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
5.1.1 - 2022-02-15
- New: Context menu in WiFi Management for quick access to Enable/Disable
- New: Context menu in WiFi/AutoSwitch for quick log file/folder access
- Fix: Program settings might not have been saved after being changed
- Fix: Connected WiFi network possibly not displayed in TrayInfo
- Fix: System/Firewall status not applied correctly
- Fix: Download button in Update dialog inactive in certain constellations
- Fix: Update process for restricted user accounts
5.1.0 - 2022-02-05
- Windows 11 compatibility (21H2 build 22000)
- NEW: WPA3 and 802.11ax support for WiFi6 networks and profiles
- NEW: Unicode support for WiFi SSIDs (displaying, creating, connecting)
- NEW: Optional monochrome/outline style for tray icon (-> Preferences/Tray)
- NEW: "Refresh" item at the end of the network adapters list
- Fix: Performance issue in Windows 11 after accessing TrayInfo
- Fix: No more writing to settings file during shutdown to prevent rare data loss
- Fix: Connecting to a WiFi network with Error 87 in very rare cases
- Fix: Incomplete information for WiFi setting during profile activation
- Fix: Firewall notification and exceptions settings
- Fix: Automatic High-DPI scaling of icons in TrayMenu
- Fix: High-DPI scaling for profile tabs was incorrect in certain constellations
- Fix: Tray icon resolution with multiple monitors with different DPI settings
- Fix: StrongestSignalSwitch option with more than one wireless network adapter
- In TrayInfo the MAC address now also includes the original value if it was modified
- The Retry option on the activation dialog is now integrated in the split-button
- Improved compatibility with certain types of virtual and external network adapters
- Improved upgrade from version 4.x by ignoring empty profiles
- Improved compatibility of VLAN-ID for different types of network adapters
- Improved file dialogs with High-DPI support and other optimizations
- Reduced file size by 10%
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
5.0.6 - 2021-05-31
- Fix: AutoSwitch thread error after standby
- Fix: AutoSwitch options might have been hidden due to incorrect alignment
- Fix: Systems with many WiFi profiles could lead to UI performance issues
- Fix: Error deleting the last remaining profile group
- Fix: Position of a new group might have been saved incorrectly
- Fix: "Connect by MAC address" failed if no name/description was provided
- Fix: TAB keyboard navigation order
- Fix: Windows firewall status setting not applied correctly
- Fix: Protocol Bindings for systems with multiple NICs using the same driver
- Fix: High Contrast Mode support adjustments
- Fix (Pro): License registration issues in rare constellations
- Tools: Network Scanner now shows the device description/comment as a name tooltip
- Performance improvements for selecting and viewing profiles
- Improved AutoSwitch performance and compatibility
- AutoSwitch NIC Status condition now also supports special types of VPN connections
- WiFi Management remembers last selected NIC if multiple are available
- Added shortcuts for Compact/Full Mode (CTRL+M) and main sections (CTRL+1/2/3/4)
- In Logon mode, the Save button now saves the activation log in the Logs subfolder
- Minor fixes and adjustments
5.0.5 - 2021-02-04
- Fix: Screensaver delay setting wasn't saved correctly
- Fix: AutoSwitch visibility setting for activation dialog
- Fix: Showing Tray Info on top of other foreground dialogs
- Fix: Opening the application from tray icon might have failed
- Fix: Minor Tray Icon performance issues
- Fix: Using "AnyLAN" and "AnyWLAN" in a prepared settings file
- Fix: Updating NIC GUID in AutoSwitch conditions when copied to another system
- Fix (Pro): Rare license registration issue in VMs
- Fix (Pro): Automatic license deregistration during uninstallation
- Translation updates
- Minor fixes and adjustments
5.0.4 - 2021-01-25
- Fix: Profile activation didn't use recent modifications of IPs in UI
- Fix: Error 1219 with connected network paths without a drive letter
- Fix: Incompatibility with another software prevented profile activation
- Fix: IPv6 activation error prevents further activation of settings
- Fix: New SMTP configurations were not saved correctly
- Fix: High-DPI adjustments for dialogs and tabs
- Fix (Pro): License registration issues in rare constellations
- Translation updates, fixes and adjustments
- Minor fixes and adjustments
5.0.3 - 2021-01-11
- Fix: Connecting net drives with user name and password failed
- Fix: Connecting to WiFi network by MAC address
- Fix: Saving a WiFi profile without encryption
- Fix: Settings in a profile without a selected NIC were not saved
- Fix: Incorrect tray icon animation after command line activation
- Fix: High-DPI issues with checkboxes
- Fix (Pro): Firefox profile file might not have been found
- Command line activation now updates the active profile in an
already running instance of the application
- Tray-Info now marks network adapters that are disconnected
- Minor fixes and adjustments
5.0.2 - 2021-01-01
- Fix: Deleting a profile while it's being renamed
- Fix: File dialog failed if file extensions were hidden in Explorer
- Fix: Configuration of first gateway metric was always reset to 0
- Fix: Profile activation on Windows logon screen
- Fix: WiFi connection error 5023 in certain constellations
- Fix: License text in preferences could be missing
- Fix (Pro): Double-click on license button opens dialog twice
- Translation updates
5.0.1 - 2020-12-23
- Fix: Mobile NICs could missing in the network adapters list
- Fix: Displayed information partially incorrect for newly available update
- Fix: After using auto-update there was no automated program restart
- Fix (Pro): Autorun was added twice
- Fix (Pro): Multiple License registration issues
5.0.0 - 2020-12-21
- NEW: Profile Management in Profile Tree!
Easier handling of profiles and groups in a tree structure
Drag&drop, copy&paste, multi-select, nested group hierarchy
Tooltips for profile settings, notes and AutoSwitch conditions
Searching/filtering profiles and groups
NC-Freeware can now also use groups and up to 8 profiles
- NEW: Settings file format is now XML instead of INI
No more limitation of exactly 6 profiles per group
Profile groups can now be nested within each other
"Atomic saving" prevents file corruptions even during system crash
- NEW: Carefully modernized UI retaining the familiar usability
Resizable window with additional profile overview at a certain width
Vertical menu for quick access to the main parts of the application:
Network profiles, WiFi Management, Network Tools and AutoSwitch
AutoSwitch can now be configured directly in each profile
Activation dialog displays all setting details that are applied
Dialogs can contain formatted text, images and links
IPv6 and WINS have been moved to the Advanced TCP/IP dialog (IP+)
- NEW: NetSetMan WiFi Management
Recreated from scratch, removing all previous limitations and errors
Additional info: MAC, channel, speed, protocols, etc.
Optional descriptions and colors for important wireless networks
- NEW: AutoSwitch Overview
- NEW: Modernized Tray-Info!
Modern design with glass/acrylic background and user color scheme
Can be displayed as an overlaying dialog with selectable text
Customizable content and zoom level with live preview
Content is automatically updated every 5 seconds
- NEW: Modern high resolution icon images
Almost 200 images recreated to support high-DPI screens
New NetSetMan logo!
- NEW: Auto-Update for downloading and installing new versions
- NEW: Automatic Network Adapter Management
List with available NICs is automatically updated at program start
Structured list with hardware, virtual and generic NICs
"Dynamic LAN/WiFi adapter" to auto-select a NIC at profile activation
- High-DPI compatibility with multi-monitor support
- Network bridges are now better supported
- Extended NetSetMan Administration with more options
- Multiple profiles can be activated with one command line call
- Command line activation now accepts profile names and even place holders
- Improved security with custom file dialog
- Lots of usability improvements, additional options and fixes
- Compatibility for Windows 10 version 20H2
- Dropping support for XP (incompatible) and Vista (untested)
Due to outdated APIs, these EOL Windows versions are no longer supported.
If you are on Windows Vista or older, please keep using NetSetMan 4.x.
- Settings file format and name changed from settings.ini to netsetman.xml
If you are accessing the file from a script, you will need to update it.
- Command line activation requires a new type of profile ID (see help file)
Due to the changed file structure, previous IDs have been replaced by
GUIDs. Copy them from tree context menu or directly from XML file.
- Some outdated translations have been removed:
Danish, Georgian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese
Temporarily: Greek, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian
If you would like to continue one of the languages and become an
official volunteer translator, please contact us.
4.7.2 - 2019-11-08
- Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1909
- Fix: Buffer Overflow vulnerability in Workgroup feature
- Fix: DEP key in WiFi Management was missing the last character
- Fix: VPN profile recognition for some third party VPN clients
- Fix: Accessing private VPN profiles with a restricted user account
- Fix (Pro): Repeated license activation in some cases
- Fix (Pro): Command line uninstallation with enabled NSM Administration
- Fix (Pro): License deregistration issue in rare cases
4.7.1 - 2018-08-16
- Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1803
- Fix: Exception errors with new TCP/UDP-Connections feature on some systems
- Fix: High-DPI adjustments for TCP/UDP-Connections toolbar and icons
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
4.7.0 - 2018-08-08
- NEW Tool: TCP/UDP Connections (IPv4 & IPv6)
- Windows Tools menu items can now be disabled in NSM Administration
- Tool "Adapters Details" now shows modified and original MAC addresses
- Fix: Version 4.6 had multiple issues with Windows XP
- Fix: Network Scanner remained enabled in Compact Mode even if
NSM Tools were disabled in NSM Administration
- Fix: Reassigning NICs in AutoSwitch conditions for copied ini file
- Fix: Combining multiple error messages in NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: Global AutoSwitch options remained active with disabled AutoSwitch
- Fix: Error message in System Settings when changing the computer name
4.6.1 - 2018-03-20
- Activation log shows assigned IP addresses when DHCP was set
- Skipping activation of settings if they are currently already set
(To force re-initializing IP settings, set Adapter Status: Restart)
- "Waiting for network" only if there are other settings following
- "No network adapter selected" only shown if relevant in that profile
- Several improvements for command line activation
- Fix: LAN/Adapter settings showed an error even if completed successfully
- Fix: Incorrect value for "Enabled" status in Tools: Adapters Details
- Fix: Activation order when connecting to a WiFi network and restarting NIC
- Fix: Error 7000000F for WiFi connection if NIC not ready after changing IP
- Fix: Format of some details in the activation log
- Fix: Reading current Gateway value didn't work in certain cases
- Fix: Show only one System Up-Time in TrayInfo if Boot Time = Work Time
- Fix: Rare problem with -aw/-ah command line parameters
- Fix (Pro): Firefox Proxy option "Same proxy for all protocols"
- Fix (Pro): Cancelling profile activation while waiting for FF
4.6.0 - 2017-11-29
- NEW: "Public DNS Servers" list for quick access from the DNS context menu
Prefilled with the most common DNS servers, but fully customizable
- New method for the IPv6 feature for reading the current addresses
- Compatibility for Windows 10 version 1709 ("Fall Creators Update")
- Fix: WiFi debug file removed
- Fix: Skip delay if a program that is set to "Run once" is already running
- Fix: MAC address format in LAN/Adapter dialog
- Fix (Pro): Updating prepared NICs in settings file with NICLabel only
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.5.1 - 2017-09-27
- Network Scanner: Additionally to the built-in MAC-OUI vendors list
selection, you can now place the official oui.txt from in
the program folder to get the complete OUI data.
Or download a sanitized version from here:
- New "Programs" option for preventing multiple instances of the same exe
- Built-in MAC-OUI vendor now also displayed in NIC and WiFi Management
- Improved Network Scanner results for low-energy target devices
- Ping network packets are now identical to Windows pings
- AutoSwitch info dialog UI improved
- Increased compatibility for Speed/Duplex, MTU, Flow Control, VLAN ID
- Fix: Displaying incorrect context menu for IP input fields
- Fix: Console-Tool with non-Latin characters
- Fix (Pro): Rare problem with command line license installation
- Fix (Pro): Problem with portable mode in certain constellations
4.5.0 - 2017-08-15
- NEW Tool: Network Scanner
Scan networks by IP range (IPv4 & IPv6), subnet (CIDR), ARP & NDP cache
Get details like name, MAC, domain/workgroup, OS, network shares, etc.
Multithreading for scanning large numbers of IPs simultaneously
Highly compatible and flexible by using new and old protocols
Copy details, open targets, export results, send Wake-On-LAN
Favorites list for customizing frequently used targets
Detailed information of network printers (shared or directly connected)
Real-time search filter for all results
Further details:
- Fix: Some setup parameters have been ignored
- Fix: Minimizing application didn't save profile changes
- Fix: Pressing ENTER in IP fields resulted in an error message
- Fix: High-DPI problems (query dialogs, AutoSwitch menu items click area)
- Fix: Firefox Proxy is now also available for user-specific installations
- Fix: Autorun in Preferences dialog not showing its state correctly
- Fix: Multiple memory leaks
- Tool "Adapters Details" is now sorted by type and name
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.4.1 - 2017-06-20
- NEW: AutoSwitch Option: "Automatically switch to the WiFi access point
with the strongest signal (10% tolerance) of the current SSID"
- Fix: Closing running instances during setup failed in rare cases
- Fix: Reading current settings for Gateway and DNS auto/static
- Fix: Third-party VPN Client recognition failed for x64 clients
- Fix: Missing Shrew Soft VPN Client profiles with a dot in their name
- Fix: Some special characters in printer names weren't displayed correctly
- Fix: Wrong connection speed displayed in certain constellations
- AutoSwitch LAN/WiFi switcher now ignores manual NIC state changes
- If Windows reinstalls a NIC after a Windows or driver update, the old
NIC references will now automatically be replaced with the new ones
4.4.0 - 2017-04-24
- NEW: NSM Tools! Useful network related utilities (two now, more to come)
- NEW: Tool "Console" with easy and comfortable access to Windows command
line tools like ping, tracert, nslookup, netstat and ipconfig.
With predefined parameters and a target IP/name history list.
- NEW: Tool "Adapters Details" providing detailed information about all
network adapters and interfaces in an exportable tree or table view.
- Fix: A forced shutdown or bluescreen could have broken the settings file
- Fix: Opening NSM WiFi Management with unlocked NSM Administration
- Fix: WiFi dialog now remains in the foreground during profile import/export
- Fix: Logon feature might have removed the focus from the password field
- Fix: High-DPI scaling for items in Logon menu
- Fix (Pro): Browser/Proxy error when IE wasn't found on the system
- Fix (Pro): License activation problem in very rare cases
- Improved behavior for closing and minimizing the main window
- Performance improvements for writing to settings file
- Simplified and improved the installation process
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.3.4 - 2017-02-07
- NEW: AutoSwitch Condition "User Name" that allows automatically switching
profiles based on the logged on Windows user
- NEW: Export/Import profile groups
- NEW: Possibility to view the passwords of all locally stored WiFi profiles
- Fix: Restore profile and group selection on program start
- Fix: Updating position of Logon Icon if screen resolution changes
- Fix: Updating caption of subprofiles
- Fix: Some Drag&Drop issues in Network Adapter Management
- Minor improvements for NSM WiFi Management
- Importing settings/profiles/groups now automatically creates a backup
- Empty values aren't written to the settings file anymore to reduce file size
- If a required default certificate isn't available, it's automatically installed
4.3.3 - 2017-01-17
- HotFix for 4.3.2: Error when activating Proxy, Connections or IPv6
4.3.2 - 2017-01-17
- NEW: AutoSwitch option "Disable WiFi when LAN connected, otherwise enable it"
- NEW: AutoSwitch WiFi network condition "Connected/Disconnected"
- Fix: Connection speed for disconnected devices now shown as not available
- Fix: Handling incompatble wireless adapters in NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: AutoSwitch could be executed multiple times causing different problems
- Adding a custom SSID in AutoSwitch now allows selecting stored WiFi profiles
- A lot of fine-tuning for AutoSwitch
- Extended compatibility for new LAN/Adapter feature (VLAN-ID, MTU, etc.)
- Deleting items in lists now possible with DEL key
- After deleting a list item the next item is now automatically selected
- NSM WiFi Management has now its own icon in the task bar
- Improved IP-Edits: Copy/Paste complete IPv4 addresses (CTRL+C/V),
arrow keys navigation, navigating between different IP-Edits
4.3.1 - 2016-11-22
- NEW: Advanced Tray-Info configuration in Preferences menu
- NEW: Optional details in Tray-Info:
IPv6, connection speed, system uptime, network drives, etc.
- NEW: Show/Hide different types of network adapters in Tray-Info:
Disconnected/Disabled/Virtual Adapters, Connections (PPP, VPN, ...)
- Fix: Rare "BusType" error on systems with an incompatible driver setting
- Fix: Optional auto-close of Activation dialog
- Fix: Copy/Paste icons in AutoSwitch
- New menu item: "Automatically activate this profile at this location"
Cursor animation shows how to use the AutoSwitch feature for new users
- New Net Drive menu button for getting currently mapped network drives
- MAC addresses now with hyphens instead of colons (11-22-33-44-55-66)
- Some optimizations for reading network adapters and their settings
- Translation updates
4.3.0 - 2016-11-08
- NEW: LAN / Adapter settings
These settings are driver-specific. The current implementation
is compatible with most but possibly not all common NICs.
If yours isn't compatible, please get in contact with us.
- NEW: Speed & Duplex
- NEW: MTU (Jumbo Packet)
- NEW: Flow Control
- NEW: VLAN ID (compatible if integrated directly in Windows NIC preferences)
- NEW: Protocol Bindings
Enable/disable network adapter protocols (IPv6/4, File Sharing, ...)
- Rearranged several items on the main UI,
Computer Name moved from main UI to System settings,
MAC Address moved from System to Adapter settings
- Fix: Width of time input fields in AutoSwitch for AM/PM time format
- Fix: TrayInfo fade in/out speed on slow systems
- Fix: Selection order in System Settings when using the TAB key
- Fix: NIC names including an ampersand character in Compact Mode
- Fix: Get Workgroup through right-click context menu in NC-Freeware
- New internal procedures for retrieving network adapter settings
- New progress and result indicator for "Apply Now"-buttons
- Net Drive now also disconnects mappings that have no drive letter
- Activation dialog and cancelling profile activation improved
- Several optimizations for Preferences dialog
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.2.3 - 2016-09-28
- NEW: Windows Update can be enabled/disabled (System Settings)
- Fix: Error message with TrayInfo if connected to Windows VPN or DUN
- Fix: Time Zone (System Settings) wasn't applied during profile activation
- New icon in TrayInfo for connections other than LAN/WiFi
4.2.2 - 2016-09-12
- NEW: Improved Network Adapter Management ("Refresh")
Sorting by drag&drop and column header (affects TrayInfo order)
Combined "Quick Refresh" and "In-Depth Refresh" methods
New "Refresh" options: "Replace existing", "Virtual/Disabled adapters"
Activate/Deactivate adapters through context menu
Shortcut to "Windows Network Connections"
- NEW: Scripts can be executed with or without elevated privileges
Default is now set to non-elevated!
- NEW: WiFi profile export can include the stored passphrase unencrypted
- Fix: Rare "Access Violation" error when editing a network drive
- Fix: AutoSwitch activation trigger for Time Frame conditions
- Fix: Context menu for Adapter Status button
- Fix: Error message for deactivated Virtual Miniport adapters
- Fix: Icon for getting current settings in System Settings
- Fix: Width of columns in WiFi Management with High-DPI
- Fix: Asterisks in Route Table
- Pro: Improved usability for Browser/Proxy feature
- Pro: Skip Domain if the same user and domain name are already joined
- Unchecked items in System Settings are greyed out for better overview
- Connected wireless network now displayed in bold text
- Cleaner activation log output for features that use PowerShell
- Disabled network adapters are now greyed out in the TrayInfo
- Updated screenshots in help file
- Minor adjustments
4.2.1 - 2016-07-14
- Fix: Problem with Net Drive format update of subprofiles in 4.2.0
- Translation updates
4.2.0 - 2016-07-07
- NEW: All-new Network Drive feature!
Improved usability and fixed high-DPI scaling
Additional Disconnect and Reconnect options
Optional auto-assignment of the highest available drive letter
- NEW: Interface Metric (Advanced/IP+)
- NEW: AutoSwitch option to allow activation of the same profile after restart
- NEW: Images and icons are now dynamically scaled for high-DPI screens (175%+)
- Fix: Layout improvements for high-DPI screens (TrayInfo, menus, dialogs, etc.)
- Fix: In some cases "Run minimized" ("-h" or Preferences) had no effect
- Fix: Parameter "-as" didn't close the activation dialog in certain cases
- Fix: Problem with deactivated "Wait for browser" option
- Fix: Some problems with the Program feature (exceptions, delay values, ...)
- Updated and improved file signature
- Tray icon is now initially moved to the visible tray area once
- Usability improvements for lists (Connections, Programs, Network Drives):
Editing by right-click/long-tap additionally to double-click
Automatic selection of the next item when an item is deleted
Sorting items by clicking the column headers
- Changed save format for Scripts/Programs settings
- The Net Drive "Retry" option will now also work with mapping error "31"
- Several UI improvements
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.1.4 - 2016-03-22
- Fix: "Invalid file signature" on some systems
- Apparently the required root certificate is once again updated with wrong
properties on some systems by the opperating system and the certificate issuer.
As a result we need to manually "break" that root certificate on our systems
before every release, so that another, more reliable root certificate is used
for creating the file signature, that's compatible on all systems.
We're really sorry for the certificate issues, but this is out of our hands.
4.1.3 - 2016-03-22
- NEW: System Settings - External Display (internal/external/duplicate/extend)
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 (graphics driver must conform to WDDM)
- NEW: Additional command line parameters:
"-?": Show all available parameters
"-a current": Reactivate last activated profile
"-aw #": Activate profile # with Windows notification (balloon tooltip)
"-ah #": Activate profile # hidden as tray icon
- Fix: Activating DHCP in XP might have failed receiving an IP automatically
- Fix: Option to create an activation log file was not working
- Fix: In rare cases an ini-update-message kept appearing at program start
- Pro: Proxy settings (Firefox&Opera) can now wait for and restart the browser
- Pro: Profile groups are now hidden if all containing profiles are disabled
- Minor adjustments
4.1.2 - 2016-02-11
- Fix: "Invalid file signature" on some systems
- Extended file signature to support systems with incomplete root certificates
- Files are now signed with additional intermediate certificate information
4.1.1 - 2016-02-10
- Files are now double-signed (SHA1+SHA256) to prevent signature problems
- Fix: In some constellations an error appeared at program start
- Fix (Pro): Rare registration error solved
- Slightly faster program start
- NetSetMan Pro registration dialog graphically updated
4.1.0 - 2016-02-09
- NEW: Run programs (elevated or restricted) & End processes
With parameters, window states, before/after profile activation
- NEW: Settings file protection (unexpected shutdown, system crash, etc.)
- NEW: WiFi option "Connect by MAC address"
- NEW: Manually add values for AutoSwitch WiFi conditions and Connections
- NEW: Connections feature now with additional VPN client support (Beta):
OpenVPN, Shrew Soft VPN Client, Cisco VPN Client,
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
Working with third-party applications is complicated due to the lack
of unified interfaces. Please share your experiences on this with us!
- Fix: Compatibility with NetSetMan Touch ( improved
- Fix: Missing icons in Logon-Mode profile selection
- Fix: Special characters shown incorrectly in the Log in certain cases
- Fix: IPv6 activation result text remained unchanged in some cases
- Fix: Wrong default selection (dynamic/static IP) in Advanced TCP/IP dialog
- Fix: In rare cases the shutdown process was interrupted
- Fix: Connecting to a SSID with a space at the beginning or end
- Fix: Connecting to renamed WiFi profiles in NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: Updating the main menu after editing NSM Administration
- Fix: Navigation with (Shift-)Tab in Connections and Advanced IP
- Fix: Icon states in Advanced TCP/IP dialog
- Fix: On touchscreens tapping on TrayInfo caused an error
- Fix (Pro): Connecting to a domain with a dot in the user name
- Fix (Pro): Renaming profile group directly after it has been created
- If IP is empty and GW is set then the current IP configuration remains
- Context menu in NSM WiFi Management for copying SSIDs and MACs
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
4.0.4 - 2015-09-17
- Full Windows 10 compatibility
- Fix: Scripts were not executed on logon screen
- Fix: In WinXP the Import dialog had an old UI style
- Fix: Checkboxes of restricted settings could be activated accidently
- Fix: Rare problem with WiFi connection after changing IP settings
- Fix (Pro): License file was deleted if located outside of program folder
- All settings dialogs will now remain on top of main window
- Russian & Chinese translations up-to-date again
- Minor adjustments
4.0.3 - 2015-06-16
- NEW: Export/Import profiles or preferences separately
- NEW: 5GHz networks in NSM WiFi Management
- NEW: Save/Copy activation log buttons added
- Fix: Command line activation with already running program instance
- Fix: AutoSwitch Gateway MAC failure in some constellations
- Fix: Rare scenarios for losing profile settings
- Fix: Rare error 126 on startup
- Adapter activation now at the beginning of the profile activation process
- F2 renames currently visible profile in Full Mode
- Script execution directory is now the location of the script
- Simplified Chinese translation up-to-date again
4.0.2 - 2015-04-28
- NEW: "Wait for script to complete" option in Script dialog
- Fix: In certain cases incorrect "Current Profile" display after a restart
- Fix: Error with speakers/microphone volume settings in XP
- Fix: "Get current configuration" context menu item for IP, DNS & WINS
- Fix: Menu items with Large Fonts display settings
- Fix: Rare error on system shutdown
- Info message when using "netsh mbn" in scripts
- Improved handling of multiple WiFi adapters in NSM WiFi Management
4.0.1 - 2015-03-17
- Fix: Misleading error code for speakers/microphone volume settings
- Fix: Progress bar in activation dialog didn't get to 100% in certain cases
- Fix: Connecting to a certain type of WiFi network failed
- Fix: Rare error when connecting to an instable WiFi network
- Fix: Changing a certain type of MAC addresses failed
- Fix (Pro): Rare IE proxy error
- Fix (Pro): Opera v15+ proxy activated with an error
- Fix (Pro): Company logo not visible
- Minor adjustments, language updates and help file corrections
4.0.0 - 2015-03-02
- Throughout enhanced: 80% of the source code has been rewritten
- NEW: AutoSwitch!
- Completely redesigned: All conditions freely combinable:
WiFi: surrounding wireless networks, signal strength
Network Recognition: Network Location Awareness, Gateway MAC, Ping
Connection Status: network adapter connected/disconnected
Time Frame: from/to hh:mm:ss on all or certain days
- Activation visibility: Message+Dialog, Balloon, Hidden
- Animated tray icon when activation dialog is hidden
- AutoSwitch info in Compact Mode, Tray Info and Profile Management
- NEW: Network Adapter Bar
- 3 consistent icons: add subprofile, refresh, adapter status
- Tooltip with additional information about the selected adapter
- Option to disable all other adapters by creating individual sub-profiles
- NEW: NSM Administration additional options:
- Restrict access to certain profiles and/or settings
- Password protected profile activation
- NEW: System Setting "Time Zone"
- NEW: Context menu for all settings in Full Mode (Get, Clear, Copy, Paste)
- NEW: Waiting for network to be ready after changing IP settings
- NEW: Import/Export of single profiles
- NEW: Copy/Paste individual settings from/to profiles and to clipboard
- NEW: Profile settings information included in activation log
- NEW: Windows 10 (Technical Preview) support
- NEW: Full support for Large Fonts display settings
- NEW: The improved NSM Service now enabled by default
- UI Improvements:
- Icons for all menu items
- Tooltips for all settings showing their configuration
- Adapter selection appearance with faded type
- Mouseover highlight for settings in Full Mode (optional)
- Clickable checkbox captions for features in Full Mode
- Performance improvements for Profile Management and Compact Mode
- Performance improvements for Tray Info and Tray Menu
- Improved IP edit fields, checkboxes and comboboxes
- Improved Limited Account dialog (shown with restricted privileges)
- Improved NSM Service: Full user context for Administrators
- Option to auto-save the activation log to a daily log file
- Options "Auto-Refresh" and "Append New" for NSM WiFi Management
- Fix: Several memory leaks
- Fix: Error 6 on program start in certain cases
- Fix: Error 691 for VPN-SSTP connections
- Fix: AutoSwitch, Note and Profiles dialogs lost focus on tooltips
- Fix: Route settings weren't shown in the Touch app
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management handling of multiple identical SSIDs
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management network information tooltip
- Fix: NSM WiFi Management editing WEP profiles
- Fix: Startup execution with delayed NSM Service on slow systems
- Fix: Jumplist tasks problem after minimizing and restoring
- Pro: Improved portable license functionality
- Pro: New command line parameters (
- Pro: Include pre-configured settings and license file with setup
- Help file completely reworked and updated
3.7.3 - 2014-06-03
- Fix: Start-loop for a limited user account in "Power User" group
- Fix: New method with fallback solution for updating NIC
- Uninstallation improved
3.7.2 - 2014-04-29
- NSM Service highly improved:
Faster program start with activated NSM Service
RDP problems solved ("Error 6")
No second icon if pinned to the task bar (Win7+)
File dialogs (e.g. import/export) show Favorites locations
Proper closing of popup menu on logon screen
New NSM Service icon
- Fix: Net Drive option "Reconnect at logon" for admin users
- Fix: Setting IE proxy and homepage separately
- Fix: Tooltip with profile name appeared randomly on main form
- Fix: IPv6 random address generator bug
- Improvements for listing installed printers
- Improvements for uninstallation
- Translation updates
3.7.1 - 2014-02-04
- NEW language: Georgian
- Fix: In 3.7.0 command line and app activation caused an error
- Fix: Minor file name issue
3.7.0 - 2014-01-29
- NEW: Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN)
- NEW: Option to retry a profile activation if some setting failed
- NEW: Tray click option: Show Tray Info (useful for touchscreens)
- Fix: Problem running the program with restricted user if
UAC is turned off and NSM Service is disabled
- Fix: Program start with Admin-Mode enabled and long user name
- Fix: Copy/Paste profile settings
- Fix: Canceling activation process
- Fix: Net Drive problem for limited user accounts in certain cases
- Net Drive connection process now faster
- Large files (>100MB) are now excluded for FF proxy, hosts and SMTP
- UI adjustments for Hosts dialog
- Some performance improvements for the main user interface
- Minor adjustments
3.6.1 - 2013-11-26
- NEW: NetSetMan Touch app for Windows 8 released!
- Fix: Problem with "Get Current Settings" in v3.6.0
- Fix: Saving Route Table settings and checkboxes in Advanced dialog
- Fix: Large fonts issues in Advanced, Preferences & Compact Mode
- Fix: Net Drives not showing up in explorer in certain cases
- Fix: Hosts/SMTP activation problems with hidden hosts file
- Fix: Properly closing all sub-windows if "Show Desktop" is used
- Fix: WiFi "Incompatible settings" and "RPCRT4" errors resolved
- Fix: Problems with ampersand character in profile names
- Eliminated TrayInfo delay caused by optional public IP retrieval
- Removed option for renaming wireless networks in WiFi Management
- Failed Net Drive connection attempts are now retried
- Detailed log for Net Drive activation exceptions
- Prettier check mark for last activated profile in Tray Menu
3.6.0 - 2013-10-28
- NEW: Advanced TCP/IP Settings (replacing "Additional Addresses")
+ Route Table
+ IPConfig (/release, /renew, /flushdns, /registerdns)
+ NetBIOS (default, activate, deactivate)
+ DNS Suffix with the complete Windows-like functionality
Previous DNS Domain feature becomes part of it and needs
to be reactivated if required in some of your profiles!
- NEW: Introducing "NetSetMan Touch" support!
Free Windows 8 Store App to activate your existing profiles
from a touch-friendly Metro/Modern UI interface
Release date: 2013-11-05
- Fix: Minimizing main program window didn't work in some cases
- Fix: NSM Service error 1355 on program start in rare cases
- Fix: InfoTray problems with ampersand character in profile names
- Fix: Missing icons in Compact Mode menu
- Fix: Driver modification of NIC deleted settings if ini was encrypted
- Fix: Problem with updating NICs in a copied ini
- Fix (Pro): Domain connection with Win7/8 and some special characters
- Reworked all message boxes: native look & consistent behavior
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
3.5.3 - 2013-05-20
- NEW language: Croatian
- NEW: Changing wireless network on logon screen now available
- NEW (Pro): Multiple IE home pages ( | | | ...)
- NEW (Pro): IE proxy is now also set as system proxy (WinHTTP)
- Fix: Proxy for IE10 compatibility
- Several WiFi fixes and improvements (spaces in SSIDs etc.)
- Setup improvements: Extract mode, Win8-compatibility
- Improvements for all lists/trees (performance, tooltip, etc.)
- Minor improvements for NSM Service
- Update of signature certificate
3.5.2 - 2012-12-16
- Fix: NSM Service didn't work with Win8 in certain cases (Error 6)
- Fix: Some problems with volume/mute for speakers and microphone
- Fix: Some activation progress bar inconsistencies
- Fix: Manual update check without Internet access
- Fix: Mobility Center icon with x64
- Fix: Some label double-click issues in the settings overview
- Several minor fixes and adjustments
3.5.1 - 2012-11-02
- Fix: Command line activation didn't work in previous version
- Fix: Message in import/export settings dialog
- Fix: Activation error for Firefox and Opera settings in certain cases
- Fix: Multiple instances of logon form icon
- Fix: NSM on logon screen took over the focus
- Fix: Minor profile activation issues
- Some language updates
3.5.0 - 2012-10-15
- Fully Windows 8 compatible!
- NEW: Pre-Logon profile activation!
You can now switch profiles on the logon screen!
Optional / turned off by default (Preferences - System Privileges)
- NEW: NSM Service now bundled with NetSetMan
Optional activation through preferences menu
Previous versions will be automatically replaced
- NEW: System - MAC-Address (only use it if you know what you're doing!)
- NEW Language: Indonesian
- Polish translation now up to date again
- Fix: Access errors on settings file in certain cases
- Fix: NSM Service error 1332 on program start in rare cases
- Fix: Running NSM with NSM Service might've delayed for 15sec
- Fix: Some UI problems systems with large fonts turned on
- Startup & shortcuts now selectable for all users or current user only
- From now on Windows 2000 isn't supported actively anymore.
New features might but are not guaranteed to work on this old OS.
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
3.4.5 - 2012-07-30
- NEW: System - Windows Firewall (status, exceptions & notifications)
- Fix: Preventing Windows from shutting down in certain cases
- Fix: Link to help file in main menu didn't work correctly
- Fix: Signal strength for disconnected WiFi in TrayInfo
- Fix (Pro): Proxy auto-configuration path wasn't set properly
3.4.4 - 2012-05-17
- Fix: Serious problem in some cases when activating DHCP in WinXP
- Fix: Error message in rare cases when clicking the tray icon
- Fix: Opening main program window in the foreground
- Fix (Pro): Unicode Firefox profiles for proxy settings
3.4.3 - 2012-05-04
- Fix: Copy&Paste for profiles didn't work correctly in certain cases
- Fix: Link to help file in main menu didn't work in certain cases
- Fix: Importing encrypted settings file from v3.1.1 and older
- Fix: Render problem with button text on Activation dialog
- Fix (Pro): Redundant menu item in Proxy dialog
- Fix (Pro): Problem when removing FF proxy settings
- All dialogs reworked (centered, title, text, icon)
- Some localization updates and fixes
3.4.2 - 2012-04-05
- Fix: Error when configuring network drives in certain cases
- Fix: Activation stopped when using IPv6 in certain cases
- Fix: Link to help file in main menu didn't work in certain cases
- Native icons for Windows locations (tools)
- Network drives now mapped with default naming conventions
- Hints for tool bar in Script dialog
3.4.1 - 2012-03-26
- Fix: Some problems with command line activation
- Fix: "File not found" error at program start in certain cases
- Fix: AutoSwitch bug that might also cause an error at program start
- Fix: Error in WiFi dialog if AutoSwitch is enabled
- Fix: Profile saved with negative id if an error occurred
3.4.0 - 2012-03-19
- NEW: Browser/Proxy feature completely reworked! (Pro version)
Support for Internet Explorer/System, Firefox and Opera
Automatic recognition of your installed browsers
Separate browser and proxy/home page configuration
Getting current values, clearing values on label double-click
Full support of profiles for Firefox and Opera
IE proxy settings can be combined now
Opening browser dialog much faster now
Dropping Gopher-protocol support
- NEW: All-new Activation Dialog!
Three areas: compact, details and log
Animated activation indicator
Progress bar in dialog and in (Win7) taskbar
Dialog doesn't freeze anymore during activation
- NEW: Win7 JumpLists for quick access to important NSM sections
- NEW Language: Hebrew
- The alternative IP method now becomes the default method! However, for
compatibility the old method can still be activated in the preferences.
- System Settings accessible directly from the tray for quick changes
- Fix: Workgroup checkbox wasn't saved correctly in v3.3.0
- Fix: Error in Compact Mode if all profiles are deactivated
- Fix: Saving custom height of Compact Mode
- Fix: Some minor issues with the program icon
- Fix: System Sound Schemes problems with NSM Service
- Fix: Printer error "File not found" in certain cases
- Pro: Help link in Domain/Workgroup dialog
- Several WiFi improvements (security, import/export)
- WiFi NIC is now automatically enabled when establishing a connection
- Added context menu to Script editor
- NSM Administration registry keys now removed with uninstall
- MenuBar buttons now also close the opened dialog again
- Wallpaper selection limited to BMP&JPG (other formats are problematic)
- Layout and size adjustments
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
3.3.0 - 2011-11-06
- NEW: Change system settings with your profiles!
- NEW: System - Display Mode (resolution, color depth, refresh rate)
- NEW: System - Wallpaper & Desktop Color
- NEW: System - Screensaver
- NEW: System - Design Scheme / Theme
- NEW: System - Speakers Volume
- NEW: System - Microphone Volume
- NEW: System - Sound Scheme
- NEW: System - Power Plan
- NEW language: Ukrainian
- Fix: Tray menu issues with rare exception error and flickering
- Fix: Several WiFi issues (x64, initialization, 64HEX and more)
- Fix: Listing network printers when using NSM Service
- Fix: Some problems changing the printer when using NSM Service
- Fix: In certain cases "Error -1" when changing NIC status
- Fix: Preventing Windows from shutting down in rare cases
- Pro: Optimized workgroup/domain UI with seperate dialog
- Icon optimizations
- Tooltips for profile tabs to show long names
- IP & DNS captions are now geyed-out if not used
- Additional Addresses shortcut now also in the main menu
- Applying IP settings to a NIC will automatically activate it
- Restarting a deactivated NIC will now activate it
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
3.2.6 - 2011-07-24
- Improved 64bit recognition resulting in improvements for
changing adapter status and new Beta IP method
- Fix: TrayInfo affecting DHCP/Static profile configuration
- Fix: Incorrect delay order for scripts
- Fix: Error when rearranging profiles in profile management
- Fix: Error 1307 when running scripts
- Fix: Wrong position after starting minimized
- Fix: Rare error 18 when running with NSM Service
- Swedish translation up-to-date again!
3.2.5 - 2011-06-06
- NEW method for changing IP settings! (Beta)
Settings configurable even for disables/disconnected NICs
Gateway metric can now be set to automatic
No more "busy" error message
No more errors like 85, 86, 95, 96, ...
IMPORTANT: For now this feature's in a Beta state and turned
off by default. You can turn it on in the Preferences:
"General" > "Use alternative IP activation method"
If you try it out, please report your experiences by email!
Note: As part of the preparation for the new mode the
activation order of some settings has been changed.
- NEW: NIC "Restart" now also for x64
- Reworked NIC Status feature
- Several languages up-to-date again; new help files for bg, es, tw
- Improved character encoding handling of settings file
- Fix: Error after closing Scripts dialog
- Fix: Visual flaw in Scripts dialog
- Fix: Problems with ampersand character in profile names
- Fix: Silent activation with -as parameter didn't work correctly
- Fix: "Get Current Settings" didn't set DHCP/Static option correctly
- Fix: Showing wrong settings in WiFi Management for ad-hoc profiles
- Fix: Connect to a WiFi network with differing SSID and name
- Fix: WiFi Management freezes under certain circumstances
- Fix: Option for auto-connection was disabled for the current
WiFi profile when connecting to another WiFi network in XP
- Fix (Pro): Problems setting proxies and ports in certain cases
- Fix (Pro): Firefox profile selection with NSM Service
3.2.3 - 2011-02-21
- Fix: Possible error when importing a settings file
- Fix: Character encoding problem after disabling encryption
- Fix: Initial Export Settings location set to program folder
- Fix: Wrong delay value for AutoSwitch
- Fix: Visual flaw in NSM WiFi Management
3.2.2 - 2011-02-17
- Fix: Net Drive and Compact Mode dialogs with large fonts turned on
- Fix: Check mark for current profile in TrayMenu with enabled icons
- Fix: Error when running v3.2.1 with NSM Service in limited folder
3.2.1 - 2011-02-16
- Fix: Last version brought a problem that might erase all program
settings, so this update is highly recommended!
- Setup now creates a copy of the settings file in the folder
"[NetSetMan]\Backup\" to be able to revert to previous versions
3.2.0 - 2011-02-15
- NEW: Full Unicode Support!
Basically all components and functions have been modified to
support Unicode. If you experience any problems, please report.
If your NICs include Unicode characters, refresh the list.
- NEW: Vista/7-compatible full size program & setup icons
- NEW: TrayMenu icons (optional deactivation in Preferences)
- Fix: Bringing up an already running instance at program start
- Fix: Significant reduction of UI flickering
- Fix: TrayInfo and TrayMenu overlapping in certain cases
- Fix: Opening website links with default browser
- Settings file access completely rewritten, speeding up nearly all
actions significantly, particularly when using encryption
- Several fixes for systems with large fonts turned on
- General UI performance improvements
- Some UI improvements for Vista/7 (better looking hints, lists, etc.)
- Several minor WiFi functionality improvements (mostly for WEP)
- Net Drive activation delay reduced to 1,5sec
- If WMI is erroneous, a description is shown in the log
- Spanish translation up-to-date again!
- Many improvements for the setup (new icon, updated images,
automatically closing a running NSM instance, consistent names)
- Lots of minor fixes and adjustments
3.1.1 - 2010-12-06
- Fix: False notification that WiFi service is not running
- Fix: Incorrect delay text output for NIC de-/activation
- Pro: MS Powershell 2.0 is now used to join a domain if available
- Some language updates
3.1.0 - 2010-12-01
- NEW: Facelift with a new menu bar
- NEW: AutoSwitch!
Connect your profiles with one or more WiFi netwoks to
switch profiles automatically depending on your location!
Read the help file for more information:
- NEW: Extended Profile Management!
- NEW: Notes/Comments for profiles
- NEW language: Greek
- Fix: Inactive WINS configuration area
- Fix: Mapping a network drive might have kept its old name
- Fix: Position of TrayInfo now depending on task bar position
- Fix: Several fixes for systems with large fonts turned on
- Enhanced WiFi Management initialization
- Notification if WiFi service is not running
- New Windows location link: Windows WiFi Management
- Smooth opening of FullMode (Vista & 7)
- Closing all sub-windows when minimizing main-window
- Several mouse cursor design improvements
- Background logo now hidden when transparency not supported
- Now with 5sec delay after NIC de-/activation
- Delay for TrayInfo Public IP retrieval will be shown the whole
time if it takes to long to make the user aware of the issue
- Pro: Profile Categories are now called Profile Groups
- NSM Logo Update
- Lots of, lots of minor fixes and adjustments
- NEW: NetSetMan is now on facebook - become a fan!
3.0.3 - 2010-05-24
- Fix: Problem with update-check when using NSM Service
- Fix: Clearing a profile deactivated its visibility in the tray
- Fix: In rare cases Windows locations didn't work correctly
- Fix: Connecting to a hidden SSID WiFi network might've failed
- Fix: Automatically connecting to a WiFi profile after creation
- Fix: Error 18 on script activation in certain cases
- Fix: Removed "Unable to open key" message for locked NICs
- Fix (Pro): Proxy has been deactivated but not removed
- Fix (Pro): Proxy problem with NSM Service in certain cases
- New option in NSM Administration for allowing WiFi Management
- Duration for delayed TrayInfo Public IP retrieval is displayed
Disable Public IP feature if TrayInfo is too slow!
- WiFi is now set before IP settings to prevent error 84
- Minor fixes for horizontal scrollbars
- IP/DNS/WINS groups status toggle by clicking on the caption
- Several fixes for systems with large fonts turned on
- Several translation updates
3.0.2 - 2010-03-22
- Fix: Several issues resulting from custom tray clicking options
- Fix: Connecting to WiFi while profile activation might've failed
- Fix: Option for start-up with Windows minimized might've failed
- Fix: Activation dialog might've remained opened using "-as" parameter
- Fix: WPA(2) keys consisting of HEX chars only were not accepted
- Fix: Problem with predefined settings when creating a new WiFi profile
- Fix: Running NSM a second time will now bring up the last used mode
- Fix: Possible loss of additional addresses of a profile in certain cases
- Fix: Problems with scripts & NSM Service, direct execution of VBS, etc.
- Fix: (Pro) Problem with proxy settings in MultiProfiles
- Pro version can now be used in portable mode on up to 10 systems
without re-entering the license information every time
- New way to distribute Pro licenses in corporate environments (see FAQ)
- Command line activation can now also be used if NSM is already running
- Height of Compact Mode is now customizable
- Some language updates
- Several small fixes and adjustments
3.0.1 - 2010-01-19
- Fix: Using Compact Mode might have removed profile settings
- Fix: Faulty XP-SP detection might have caused WiFi window not to open
- Fix: Updating profile names when importing a settings file
- Fix: WiFi profiles might not have been shown in the main window
- Fix: Certain WiFi WEP keys were reported as incompatible by mistake
- Fix: Width of the left column in the TrayInfo now variable
- Fix (Pro): Problems with MultiProfiles when modifying Categories
- Scripts are now always executed in user context when using NSM Service
If you have problems executing certain script types (e.g. vbs),
include them in a *.bat file.
- Several translation updates
3.0.0 - 2010-01-05
- NEW: Advanced WiFi support!
- WiFi Management for available wireless networks and profiles
- Connect/disconnect from WiFi networks with each NSM profile
- Displaying WiFi connection status in the TrayInfo
- NEW: MultiProfiles!
- A profile can now contain an unlimited amount of NIC (adapter) sets
- Activating a profile changes the settings for all included NICs
- NEW: Compact Mode!
- Overview of all profiles and settings in a smart new view
- Ideal interface once all profiles are set up in Full Mode
- Switch between Full Mode and Compact Mode with a single click
- NEW: NSM Administration!
- Optional password protection for NetSetMan
- Encryption of the settings file
- Decide what actions are possible without the password:
run program, activate profiles, change profile & program settings
- NEW: Dynamic Activation window showing only the values to be changed
- NEW: Advanced Preferences window with more control and customization
- Custom clicking actions for the TrayIcon
- Always start minimized
- Shortcuts to Windows locations from the TrayMenu
- Confirm profile activation
- NEW: Advanced Refresh (including deactivated & virtual NICs)
- NEW: Public IP in TrayInfo (optional)
- NEW: MAC addresses in TrayInfo (optional)
- NEW: Restart NICs & faster NIC status detection (only for 32bit)
- NEW: Automatic subnet mask generation when entering an IP
- Fix (Pro): Alternative domain feature didn't work with NSM Service
- Fix: Inconsistent TAB order of the UI elements
- Gateway entry fields stay enabled to allow static gateways on DHCP
- Press CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to cycle through profile tabs
- Use ESC to minimize main interface or to close configuration dialogs
- On dual screens TrayInfo will now always be shown on the main screen
- Windows locations can now also be opened when using NSM Service
- If a dual screen position changes NSM will start at a visible position
- Automatical NIC reassignment when moving the settings file:
From now on you can copy the settings.ini file to other systems
without manually reassigning the NICs in the profiles _IF_ the
custom name is identical on both systems. NICs can be renamed
in the Windows Control Panel - Network Connections.
2.6.4 - 19.12.2009
- UI performance improvement when changing profile tabs
- BugFix (Pro): Last IE Proxy update didn't work with NSM Service
- BugFix (Pro): Minor FF Proxy fix
2.6.3 - 06.12.2009
- NEW language: Malay
- BugFix: In Win7 activating DHCP when already activated led to an error
- BugFix: In Vista and Win7 network drives were mapped in elevated mode only.
Now they are mapped in elevated and restricted mode so that
network drives can be accessed from Windows Explorer
- IE Proxy feature (Pro) completely rewritten for better compatibility
2.6.2 - 21.10.2009
- Improved Windows 7 compatibility
- NEW: NSM Service 1.1.0 (Optional)
Now fully compatible with Windows 7
Improved install/uninstall in the setup file
Changed install folder to c:\{program files}\NSM Service
2.6.1 - 24.08.2009
- BugFix: The Check-For-Update feature didn't work in 2.6.0
- BugFix (Pro): The activation process stopped at IE proxy settings
2.6.0 - 19.08.2009
- NEW: IPv6 address management and generation
See for more details
- BugFix: Removed Windows Server 2008 error message at program start
- If the selected NIC can't be found when activating a profile, a message will tell so
- NIC name additions like "Packet Scheduler Miniport" will be hidden to display a shorter form
- Uninstall /VERYSILENT parameter will now delete the whole program folder without any prompt
- Removed "Please wait..."-message for performance reasons
- Lots of minor adjustments
2.5.4 - 02.04.2009
- BugFix: Default installation folder selected even if NSM was installed at another location
- BugFix: A "CoInitialize" error message might have appeared while getting current settings
- Added a short delay to the tray icon information display so a quick mouse-over won't open it
- If the taskbar is set to auto-hide the info will be displayed above it without overlaying
2.5.3 - 18.03.2009
- NEW: 3in1-Setup: Custom Installation, Quick Update and Extract Only ("NetSetMan Portable")
- NEW: Optional auto-check for updates at program startup
- BugFix: Fixed the "Load favorite settings" buttons for IP, DNS and WINS
- BugFix: Hosts file entries were not set if first line was empty
- BugFix: If NSM was started by the Task Scheduler the adapter selection might got lost
- Confirmation dialog on loading favorites or deleting all current settings
- Some language updates for the program and French help file
2.5.2 - 22.01.2009
- NEW: De-/Activate the selected network adapter
- BugFix: In certain cases adapters with unicode in their description were not available
- BugFix: Using the NSM Service in Vista the Default Printer could not be changed
- BugFix: Net Drives were not mapped correctly when using the NSM Service
- BugFix: In certain cases not all printers were shown in the list
- BugFix: Local help file link in top menu for paths with spaces fixed
- BugFix: When the NSM Service was used not all shortcuts in the Tools menu opened
- For security reasons the Tools menu shortcuts now will only open the locations if the
logged on user has the privileges to them, even if the NSM Service is used
- Minor activation sequence change: Hosts file after first script and before all other settings
- Adjustments of valid characters for the domain/workgroup
- "Please wait..."-message when retrieving current settings
- Some adjustments for Windows 7 compatibility (beta)
- Language updates for Dutch, French & Spanish
2.5.1 - 21.10.2008
- NEW language: Serbian (program + documentation)
- BugFix: Activating DHCP in Vista could cause as the first gateway
- BugFix: If NSM Service was used and NSM was started with parameters, a message box appeared
- BugFix: In case the taskbar is set to auto-hide: A double-click will now open the tray menu
- BugFix: A saving error could occur when saving several gateways
- BugFix: Local help file link for paths with spaces fixed
- Some language updates
2.5.0 - 10.09.2008
- NEW language: Chinese Traditional (program + documentation)
- NEW language: Slovenian (program)
- NEW: SMTP Server
- NEW: Hosts file entries
- NEW: Menu bar for more functionality
- NEW: Quick links in the menu to the most needed Windows tools and locations
- NEW: "Check for Update" in the menu
- NEW: Import/Export of the current profiles and settings
- NEW: NSM Service to use NetSetMan with a restricted user account without admin privileges
It's optional! Download and install this service only if you really need it
- NEW: Full Vista support (Optional: Install the NSM Service to get rid of UAC prompts)
- Running at start up in Vista possible (see for further information)
- Some rearrangements of the UI to create more space for new features
- Unchecked settings are now disabled and greyed out for a better overview
- Gateway addresses can now be set even if DHCP is ebabled (use the Additional Addresses window)
- A metric can now be set for each gateway (1 to 9999)
- BugFix: "Always Hide" / "Always Show" Windows setting for the tray icon wasn't saved propperly
- BugFix: Changing the default printer didn't work under certain circumstances
- BugFix: Default gateway wasn't properly removed in Vista
- Some improvements for the setup routine
- Tons of minor adjustments
2.4.2 - 27.03.2008
- NEW: From now on the program and the setup files will be digitally signed with a
Microsoft Authenticode Certificate. If a file isn't signed by "Ilja Herlein" then it's
not an official release or has been modified. Please don't trust unsigned files anymore.
This also solves some problems with higher secured systems (e.g. startup in Vista).
- NEW: The tray icon shows all current IP settings for all adapters at a mouse-over.
Including: All addresses, connection type, connection status, current profile
- Strong improvements for "Refresh":
Getting the available network adapters again completely rewritten.
Should be working on all systems (really fast!) now.
Different options for the Refresh button (Replace, Add, Remove)
Refresh of the network adapters list automatically on the first program start
- Getting current settings rewritten:
Correct values will be filled in, no matter if the adapter is Static or DHCP, connected or not
- BugFix: Command line activation now also possible when NSM is already running
- BugFix: Admin-Mode now uses the current user profile environment
Important for registry dependant settings like auto-start, proxy, ...
- Lots of minor adjustments
- Several bigger updates for the website: RSS feed, screenshot gallery, ...
2.4.1 - 26.11.2007
- NEW language: Czech (program)
- NEW language: Portuguese (Brazil) (program)
- NEW language: Bulgarian (program)
- NEW: Get current settings with an extra "[<-]" icon for each setting
Clear an entry by double-clicking its caption
- NEW: "Get all current settings" in the popup menu in the tab header
- Reading the available network adapters completely rewritten:
Better Vista compatibility, more flexible & accurate
- BugFix: Pressing the ALT key in Vista caused a visual bug
- BugFix: Special characters in Portuguese language fixed
- BugFix: Deleting an entry in the network drives window while editing it is now deactivated
- BugFix Pro: Wrong window size with large fonts
- BugFix Pro: Additional addresses in combination with categories
- Help files updated
- Lots of minor adjustments
Attention: Lots of performance & compatibility updates have been made. However if you
experience that something works worse than in version 2.4.0 please post in the forum.
2.4.0 - 28.05.2007
- NEW language: Dutch (program + documentation)
- NEW language: Danish (program)
- NEW language: Hungarian (program + documentation)
- NEW: Map Network Drives:
Connect/Disconnect an unlimitted amount of network shares as local drives
- NEW: Detailed log in the Activating window when clicking the "+"
- BugFix: DNS radio button deactivated for the wrong reason in some cases
- BugFix: An error during commandline activation caused NSM to stay active in the background
- Using the Printer-Dropdown keeps current value selected
- Information in the Activating window when no adapter selected or no checkbox checked
- Ignoring Error 67 in Vista
- Unicode adjustments in activating window
- Compleded the translation of the English license file with some adjustments
- Lots of minor adjustments
2.3.5 - 12.03.2007
- BugFix: Wrong "DNS invalid" message in certain cases
- BugFix (Pro): Error message when opening proxy window and no Firefox profiles found
2.3.4 - 06.03.2007
- NEW language: Turkish (program & partial documentation)
- Vista Support in Beta state (UAC prompt at every start)
- Pro: Detecting Firefox profile folder improved (required for Vista and relocated FF folders)
- Pro: Alternate domain access. See new FAQ section at for more info
- BugFix: Current profile name was not always updated in the tray hint
- BugFix: Transfering old settings to new IP save format which failed in some cases in 2.3.2/3
(important for upgrades from versions older than 2.3.2)
2.3.3 - 14.01.2007
BugFix Release for 2.3.2
- Debug-Message showed up when clicking computername checkbox
- Missing NSM logo
2.3.2 - 13.01.2007
- NEW: Unlimited amount of IPs, Gateways, DNS-Servers and WINS-Servers per profile
Overview of all addresses in one window
Easy to edit, move and delete
- BugFix: NSM folder still opened when using script under certain circumstances
- Pro: Registration information moved from registry to NSM folder
- Lots of minor adjustments
2.3.1 - 28.09.2006
- Language update for all new features from 2.3.0
- BugFix: NSM folder opened when using script
- BugFix: Scripts with an absolute path were not loaded correctly
- BugFix from 2.3.0: "Close activation dialog automatically" terminated the program
- Added cmd-extention to script editor
2.3.0 - 31.08.2006
- NEW language: Russian (program & documentation)
- NEW: Comfortable script editor with syntax highlighing for DOS Batch, JScript, VBScript
- NEW: 2 Scripts, before and after network settings changing with delay timer
- Pro: Confirmation dialog when deleting category in main window
- BugFix: In some cases an "Application exception" occured by using the command line activation
- Replaced some symbols with icons due to incompatibilities with fonts from other languages
- Tooltip of the tray icon shows current profile name
- Menu in tray shows profile numbers
- Check on start if saved window position will be visible (needful if resolution has changed)
- Lots of minor adjustments
2.2.3 - 15.05.2006
- NEW language: Chinese (program & documentation)
- Language Updates: Spanish & Vietnamese
- Dropdown width of printer and network adapter list adapts to the longest name
- Starting NetSetMan a second time calls the original instance (No multiple instances)
- BugFix (Pro): Firefox proxy settings "Same for all" feature
2.2.2 - 27.03.2006
- NEW: No need to be logged in as Administrator anymore
Admin account data can be stored encrypted to run NetSetMan with Admin privileges
- NEW language: Swedish (program & documentation)
- NEW: More DNS addresses (3rd & 4th)
- NEW: Choose to minimize or to exit when the [x] is clicked (On first click and in Info menu)
- BugFix (Pro): Firefox home-page wasn't changed in some special cases
- DHCP DNS is disabled if static IP is checked (Windows doesn't like this combination)
- Added more hints to the labels in main window (e.g. Double-click to clear/get current value)
- Tray-Icon now also reacts on a left-click
2.2.1 - 17.02.2006
- NEW: Activation in Silent Mode (Activation dialog closes automatically if no errors occurrred)
-> Activate in "Info" dialog if needed
- NEW: Renaming a profile also by double-clicking a tab
- NEW: Typing IPs like will cut leading zeros automatically
- BugFix (Pro): Activating of profiles from another category than "Standard" in main window
- BugFix: Empty WINS fields now remove the static WINS server
- Updated Italian translation (programm & help file)
- Some optimizations on fetching network adapters if no adapters are available or active
2.2.0 - 21.12.2005
- NEW: Increased profiles
Freeware: 6 profiles
Pro: Unlimited profiles!
Up to 6 profiles are grouped to a category
Clearly arranged & easy to manage
- NEW: Command line activation (See the help file for details)
- Faster navigation in the main window (e.g. switching tabs)
- Last activated profile is marked in the tray
- Right-clicking a tab selects it
2.1.1 - 14.11.2005
- NEW language: Polish (program & documentation)
- NEW (Pro): Proxy settings for IE & FF at the same time possible
- BugFix: Wrong language if started minimized with Windows
- Added Spanish to Setup
2.1.0 - 30.09.2005
- NEW: Default Printer
- NEW: Execute Scripts
- NEW: More IPs (2nd & 3rd)
- NEW language: Spanish (program & documentation)
- Removed 15 character limitation from DNS Domain
- Fixed Proxy bug which came with 2.0.3
2.0.4 - 01.09.2005
- BugFix: In some cases activating from the tray did not work
- Some basic improvements/adjustments concerning "FastSwitch"
- Italian instruction included
2.0.3 - 23.08.2005
- BugFix: Default Gateway was not removed on empty fields
- BugFix: Link to NSM caused a website-error
- Minor saving optimization
- File no longer packed using UPX -> Biger file size but faster start and less memory use
- Reduced freeware message from every 7th start to every 10th start
- First release of NetSetMan Pro!
2.0.2 - 09.08.2005
- German Helpfile completed
- minor program adjustments
2.0.1 - 06.08.2005
- some minor text changes
2.0 - 03.08.2005
- !Complete rewriting of the routine to change the settings -> more possibilities & faster!
- NEW: Progress messages at applying settings
- NEW: Get current settings
- NEW: WINS Server
- NEW: DNS Domain
- NEW: Fast-Switch in the tray bar
- NEW: Save/Load favorite settings
- NEW: Multilanguage: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Vietnamese
- NEW: Possibility to autostart with Windows
- Better GUI: wider tabs, display of network adapters, IP input, new/changed buttons, logo
- NEW (only in Pro): Proxy settings (Internet Explorer & Firefox)
- NEW (only in Pro): Domain login (with user name and password)
1.10 - 23.12.2004
- NEW: German language (switchable in the "Info"-window)
- NEW: Computer Name (needs restart to have effect)
- NEW: Workgroup (needs restart to work properly)
- NEW: Checkboxes to select what settings to apply
- Faster method to get networkadapters
- More compact interface
- Removed possibility to enter the adapter name by hand to avoid errors
- Fix: Special characters are allowed (like à, ü, etc.)
1.00 - 21.11.2004
- First public release