NetSetMan Touch

NetSetMan Touch is a Windows 8/10 Metro/Modern UI add-on for the desktop version of NetSetMan (Pro) that allows switching between your already existing profiles from a touch-friendly user interface.

To get started you need to install both the app and the desktop application. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the NetSetMan Touch app.
    You can get it from the official Windows 8/10 app store.

  2. Install/Run NetSetMan (Pro) on your desktop.
    Make sure you have version 3.6.0 or later installed.
    Now run it! (If it’s already running, restart it once!)

  3. Hit “Refresh” in the AppBar to get all your profiles.
    You’re ready to go: Simply select a profile and activate it!

Help / FAQ

In case you get stuck at some point, please first check the following FAQs.
If that doesn't help, feel free to post in the support forums or send us an email.
NetSetMan (Pro) combines years of development to provide all the features that you need to switch between different network and system settings. The new Modern UI (formerly known as “Metro”) that was introduced in Windows 8 brings a completely new environment to your system. Because it is not compatible with the desktop environment, it's impossible to take the existing features and put them into a Modern UI app.

For this reason NetSetMan Touch uses another approach: It provides a touch-friendly user interface for activating profiles while relying on the desktop application for the configuration and the actual activation process. So when activating a profile your desktop will come up showing you the progress and results in the activation dialog of NetSetMan (Pro) that you're already familiar with.
The profiles in NetSetMan Touch will update automatically every time the app is reinitialized. This happens for example when you run the app. If you want to update the profiles list manually, you can do so at any time by hitting the “Refresh” button in the AppBar.

Refresh button in AppBar
The so-called AppBar is a native UI element that you can open up by swiping from the bottom middle of the screen, pressing [Win]+[Z] or right-clicking with your mouse.

To activate a profile NetSetMan Touch requires the file extension “.nsm” to be registered for the desktop version of NetSetMan (Pro). This happens automatically so you don't have to do anything yourself. However, if this assignment for some reason breaks (another program registers this file extension or you manually open a “.nsm” file with another program, etc.) you'll have to fix it manually.
To do so follow this step by step:
  1. Create an empty text file: right-click on your desktop, New, Text Document. Make sure you see the file extension “.txt” (if you don't see it, activate file extensions first!).
  2. Rename the file (including its extension) to “fix.nsm”. Confirm the dialog asking you if you really want to change the extension.
  3. Right-click the file: Open with, Choose default program...
  4. Make sure “Use this app for all .nsm files” is checked and click “Network Settings Manager”. If it's not listed there, choose: More options, Look for another app on this PC. Then find “netsetman.exe” in its program installation folder.

Modifying file extension properties
NetSetMan Touch offers a native search feature for finding profiles and groups by their names. Simply use the “Search” button in the CharmsBar or press [Win]+[F]. Just make sure you're searching in “NetSetMan Touch” (rather than in “Files” etc.).

Search feature